Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Feel Good



This is our mission statement.  It is simply what all of our goals are when we talk about health and fitness.  We want to burn the fat, build some muscle, but most important we want to feel good about ourselves.  We want to feel confident and capable. We want to train the body, but also the mind and the spirit, to have the mental toughness to drive ourselves to reach ever higher goals.  There are two things essential to this end:

Exercise and Nutrition • Work and Rest • Stress and Recovery

Or in other words,


These are opposite sides of the same coin. You cannot have one without the other. Results come from mastery over both.  However, I believe, that despite the idea of hard work and “pain,” most people are far more willing to murder themselves in the gym than ever set foot in their own kitchen to cook healthy meals for themselves.  The reason is that most people don’t like to cook simply because they suck at it. I’ve been there. I can remember cooking a recipe I found that I really wanted to try. I used practically every pot and pan in the kitchen, made a huge mess, took a solid four hours to complete it, had one plate of food to show for my effort, and was too tired to even enjoy the meal I made.  The good news is that it won’t always be that way.

You don’t have to be a world class chef in the kitchen. You just have to be an adequate one.


My goal with Eat and Lift is too make adequate chefs of everyone.  You just need to have the ability to cook a simple meal with minimal fuss and mess, in as little time as possible.  This takes practice. This takes hard work. That is why it is worth doing. Remember this quote:

“Sucking at something is just the first step to getting sorta good at something.”

                                                                                                 – Jake the Dog

Get yourself in the kitchen. Get your hands dirty. Make a mess. More importantly: Learn and Practice.