Kitchen Minimalist

The Only 5 Tools You Will Ever Need In The Kitchen

The spirit of Eat and Lift is “Keep It Stupid Simple.” Using a million ingredients and utensils in a complicated recipe is more likely to frustrate you than keep you consistent. Yes, we don’t want our healthy meals to taste like cardboard, but we also don’t want them to feel like they take up an impossible level of time and energy. Recipes are great, but not when you are using them for EVERY MEAL of EVERY DAY. That just gets tiresome.

The mission then is to find that balance between ABSOLUTE MINIMALISM in the kitchen and SATISFYING TASTE from your food.

This infographic will highlight for you the 5 Kitchen Essentials that could very well be the ONLY TOOLS YOU WILL EVER NEED FOR MEAL PREP.

You can create enough variation in taste and texture with just these tools that, if you wanted, could be the end all be all of your kitchen needs.

In my next few posts this week, I will highlight each one AND provide examples of what you can make.

Keeping up with a meal plan doesn’t have to be exhausting.

Keep checking back for the next post in this KITCHEN MINIMALISM series.